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July 16 mission to Quebec and chutes de plassiance. Stout crew and hot as hell, could not have asked for a better day.
Here is a quick little video of three days we had in Kenya doing a bit of creeking. Thanks to the boys at savage wilderness for helping us out and pointing u…
Ha, nothing much. Me and a friend using his old inflatable kayaks to get a few miles downstream.
Reality TV show “Naked and Afraid” abandons two people to fend for themselves in savage conditions- without clothes. – To find an inexpensive kayak for sale, go online and check out ads that people have posted online. Secondhand kayaks on sale are easy to find and are very affordable; perfect for people on a budget. However, make sure that you will inspect the used kayak before you buy it. – Depending on size, usage and type of material, one can easily buy kayaks for sale from various companies that suit their needs. You can easily find a kayak for sale on display in almost every store that offers outdoor gear. For convenience purposes, they usually post a list of kayaks on sale for online transactions. Seek advice from your friends or family who have experience purchasing kayaks.
11/09/12 The Dow Jones saw a quiet end to a busy week as it closed almost flat. However, Kayak soared on a takeover, Groupon fell to a record low, and politicians address the fiscal cliff.