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We believe that PR is a game of ‘perceptions’ and it is important to have the right partner to play it well. For more details log on to or write to or call us on 00971504537253.
White water kayaking in Eidfjord, Norway with FlatEarth Adventures. See, feel and hear the power of nature.
Mcleods to Skippers section 44cu Nov 2013. Paraplegic t12 complete kayaker. great crew craig, bruno, sam, jared, grace, et al. Not hard but a great section o…
Troop 8 Venture Crew takes a trip on the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania for some White Water Kayaking. Video made by Eddie Mostert. Final Project for TV Produc…
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Manzanita Creek Winery – Healdsburg, CA, Sonoma County (707) 433-4052 Open to Public. Mon/Sat 10/4. Wine Tasting, Wine Club, Retail and Wholesale sales: Zinfandel, Syrah, Red Tabel Wines, Desert Wines, White Wines. Too many awards to list, no scenery…A little hard to find, but worth the effort. Highway 101 to Dry Creek Road, Turn East toward Town, go one block to Grove Street, turn left, travel an eighth of a mile, we’re on the left side of the street, look for the Gold Striped Awnings.
At LOW water, the Castor channelizes and is still butt-scootable and more than fun. Watch out for teeth-claiming rocks and leprosy. Song: Mike Ptyson -STRFKR.
From my Blade 350qx.first thing you see is the Mass start then the take out to Canyon Creek.
Check out this sweet creek! Waimapu river – Welcome bay, Tauranga B.O.P . some primo drops and good times. Go check it out! For take out options talk to the …