Side channel on Lower American river.
Yampa River – Steamboat Springs, CO Boulder Creek – Boulder, CO North St. Vrain Creek, Lyons, CO.
More killer moves one can do with a short style kayak and showing more and more fun one can have in whitewater and just how much one really can do with a kay…
Hospital Bar playboating on the Gorge section of the South Fork of the American River. January 2007 (brrr!!)
Having a bit of fun in my playboat on one of Tasmania’s most southern surf beach.
A calm day near 5 Islands NS. Red cliffs, fog and a waterfall.
Cave Drop, BLT, Easy Street Slides
WHITE WATER RAFTING – Extreme Kayaking – Wildwassser Kajak | Stunts in the wild river…
The things I do for this job…I took the white water rapids of the Pigeon River to try out Extreme Kayaking. (May 2013)