I went down skelwith force in my little orange play boat and had a slightly different outcome than the others
Fansty Falls, South Silver, Love’s Falls. Despite a dry winter spring 2007 still had plenty of good paddling.
Elk River Gorge Kayaking The Lower Elk or Elk River Gorge is located in the high country of North Carolina close to Boone. This video covers one trip down the river on 11.16.06 with Spencer Cooke, Nathan Silsbee and Cooper Lambla. It starts with the 50 foot Elk Falls and ends with the 40 foot Compression Falls. The video is presented by Mion Footwear. www.MionFootwear.com
Kayaking Cold Run Creek, this stretch is known as Devil’s Hole. This is almost never runnable.
Brad Ludden ACG Sweetspot Nike ACG pro kayaker Brad Ludden paddles a fall on the Mekong River deep in the jungle on the Laos and Cambodian borders. 7 years ago he walked away from arguably the toughest (and inaccessible) of rapids in the area. This time he came back to tame it.
A quick edit in Nottingham Freestyle kayaking with Hugo Scott, filmed with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Edited by HG Films.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9rGuThEbHXbCl0ODMMptOw/feed PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE I took alot of time working on this video this video is about me kaya…
Urban Kayaking Has Never Been This Intense
Discover more about kayaking in Greenland: http://www.greenland.com/kayaking