This guy was expertly maneuvering his way through the rapids around the rocks and narrow turns when he flipped over and got stuck upside down in the water. He quickly recovered and continue to ride! WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: High Speed Kayaking: Wingsuit Flying Through Downtown Skyscrapers: YouView lets you experience life like never before. Featuring videos using the GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 4, and plenty of HD cameras, you will experience incredible places and activities, all seen from YOUR perspective! If you love adventure travel, unbelievable videos, or really cool experiences, this POV [More]
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Funny Sport Accidents First 21 minutes #35 – Top Rated (Today) – Sports – Canada First day: #23 – Most Discussed (Today) – Sports – Canada #23 – Top … very funny sport accidents, people are stupid and hurt them selfs in sports. worth watching. cool. water sports gone bad Funny compilation of water sport disasters ranging from jet ski tubing water skiing kayaking accidents If you want a good laugh watch this … These are really funny accidents in Fun in the water. When Water Sports Goes Wrong When water sports goes absolutely wrong There are tricks malfunctioning [More]
When Water Sports Goes Wrong When water sports goes absolutely wrong There are tricks malfunctioning jet skis and crashes that will make you laugh till you … hurá na vodu :D. Enjoy the video and subscribe to view more entertaining videos. funny accidents skateboarding accidents accidents car accidents funny… Funny water sports accidents, hurá na vodu :D. A collection of some really funny water skiing and intertubing accidents. water sports gone bad Funny … Funny Water Sports Bloopers. Funny Sport Accidents and Photos Enjoy the video and subscribe to view more sport and entertaining videos. funny accidents skateboarding… A collection [More]
Ewen performing backwards loops and other tricks in the surf at St Clair Beach Dunedin
Rivers in Austria, everything you want to see about kayaking in austria. 00:00 – 01:00 intro 01:00 – 02:19 Lower venter Ache 02:19 – 04:27 inn / Tösens 04:27 – 07:28 Lower oetz 07:28 – 10:17 inn / Finstermünster 10:17 – 12:23 Wellerbrucke adidas sickline + championkiller 12:23 – 16:36 Fails, pinned , swimming , beater , carnage whitewater kayaking is not an easy sport. as you see in the last part of the video. kayaks nowadays are build really thought. during the shooting of the video 23 kayak where used. and only 1 had damage after 1 week of [More]