Playboating at the NOC Nantahala North Carolina Guest Appreciation Festival 2015
The plan was to play at Redsides, and do a short warm up on Bridge to Brukart.. instead it was 5 hours of down river play. Tons of Fun, picked up some great tips. Missed a lot of great footage (battery died in an hour)
Playboating at the NOC – Sept 26th 2015 Location – Nantahala Outdoor Center, Nantahala River Event – Guest Appreciation Festival
Here’s how much I’ve been liking the new Jackson Kayak 2016 Rockstar! This thing is awesome! I have learned so many new tricks in both holes and waves!
Playboating the dirty south: Saluda, Noli 1/4 mile, Eternity
The Playboating Bible – Hole Moves
kayaking – flatwater playboating pool practice
Intro to Whitewater Playboating Technique with Anna Levesque