I decided to get a play boat after jumping in a friends not to long ago. I had alot of fun, it’s good excercise and helps build much needed skills on the river.
jack winder doing some playboting in his pyranha molan.
Me, my bro Jordan and my mate Danny playboating. Throwing some big Loops and few Mc Nasty’s with some Pogo Flips chucked in for good measure.
Testing my new playboat at Woodmill weir, filmed on the Gopro Hero 2 sorry about the fog. Anti-fog inserts not in. Paddler: Jono Mills Music- Artist: Kid Cud…
hunter, max, sam, kyle, eric, bradly, jeff and dan playboating.
Petteri Kuuskoski and Mike Nooney.
Raleigh Welsh, Wylder Cooper, & Hunter Cooper paddling the chattooga on a very cold day in February.
Evan, Arne, & Mark riding riverdale wave @ 1700 cfs. Demo’d the new 2011 rockstar….Sic!