White Water Kayaking, Jim Falls Wisconsin with Brian B
Kayaking becomes seriously competitive as people take to the water and carve their way around an obstacle course , all the while the river does its best to screw you up.
My first time paddeling in white water on the cheat river. Rookie mistake in the inflatable kayak but this beautiful country kept me going. I was fortunate enough to have some really experienced kayakers who also were a really good group of guys.
In this short video tutorial, Current Adventures instructor Gigi Mcbee takes you through some of the key points to making eddy turns, both into and out of the eddy. For more information click the link below. http://currentadventures.com/white-water-kayaking-instruction-and-trips/white-water-kayak-classes/
Starting Volume: 600 CFS | Ending Volume: 1100 CFS This Oregon Classic lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We had rapidly rising levels that nearly doubled in volume while we were on the river, but the boatable range is so wide that it was difficult to notice. This is a very manageable, but steep, class IV pool-drop run with one class V (Big Fluffy) and two others that may demand a look to see the line. Thors Playroom (Throne Room?) is the longest, biggest, and most complex rapid on the run, [More]
Rivers in Austria, everything you want to see about kayaking in austria. 00:00 – 01:00 intro 01:00 – 02:19 Lower venter Ache 02:19 – 04:27 inn / Tösens 04:27 – 07:28 Lower oetz 07:28 – 10:17 inn / Finstermünster 10:17 – 12:23 Wellerbrucke adidas sickline + championkiller 12:23 – 16:36 Fails, pinned , swimming , beater , carnage whitewater kayaking is not an easy sport. as you see in the last part of the video. kayaks nowadays are build really thought. during the shooting of the video 23 kayak where used. and only 1 had damage after 1 week of [More]
Highlights from 3 months kayaking all over Nepal. Such an amazing country in the heart of the Himalaya’s with so many cool rivers. Thanks to all the people who made this trip such a good time. Get yourselves out there as soon as possible while the country needs tourists the most after last years earthquake and the continued border blockades. Rivers- Kaligandaki, Sun Kosi, Seti, Madi, Marshyangdi, Bhote Kosi
The great Tavaputs Plateau and Desolation Canyon are among the most remote areas of the continental United States. This area has been home to the Fremont Indians for thousands of years. You’ll find a remarkable array of flora and fauna in this area accented by tall rainbow colored cliffs sculpted by centuries of winds and water. Desolation Canyon is actually anything but desolate. Instead, this amazing area is teeming with Bighorn Sheep and Birds of Prey. You’ll often see an eagle soaring overhead. As the Green River flows through Desolation Canyon, it is surrounded with groves of cottonwood trees and [More]