Descente club du 10/11/12, sur la basse guisane avec un niveau d’eau trés technique et un froid extreme 3°c
Rider’s presentation of “Le Nil Blanc” DVD.
To learn all the different whitewater kayak rolls, visit our WhitewaterPaddlingTV youtube channel at Produced by The Heliconia Press
Tyler Bradt and Rayno Van Heerden take on the Ashan River which has created some of the most classic and stunning white water in Southeast Asia. Wizard’s Eye Expedition: Leg III – Episode 5
White Water Rafting & Kayaking. I filmed while at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham. Great skills and control! This is where they trained for the 2012 Olympics Games.
This is a basic rescue skill that can make you a valuable member of any paddling group, and can possibly save a life. When someone is upside down in their kayak and unable to roll or wet exit, this technique allows you to flip them upright. Team NRS paddler Stephan Wright gives step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
Dutchess County authorities are searching for New York City resident Ian Jones, who has been missing after his and his girlfriend’s tandem kayak capsized in the Hudson River yesterday. The girlfriend, Tali Lennox-Fruchtmann, daughter of singer Annie Lennox, was rescued by a passing boater. Police say that Jones and Lennox-Fruchtmann had been in the water early yesterday morning and capsized near the Mills Mansion in Staatsburg. The pair got separated. Officers responded around 9:50 a.m., and searched the Hudson until 10 p.m. The search resumed this morning at 7:30 a.m. Captain John Watterson said, “We believe that alcohol may have [More]
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