After a full shoulder reconstruction 10 months ago, Ben Brown has been on a focused rehabilitation program to get his shoulder back up to full strength. In April, he finally got the all clear to ease back into white-water with a big drop off New Zealand’s Wairua Falls.
Outfitting your Pyranha White Water Kayak
20121215(新北平溪瑞芳)基隆河上段激流獨木舟(Kee-lung river ,Taiwan White-water kayak)
– Storyline: How did the Grand Canyon get so deep? What are the secrets revealed in its mile-high walls, and what makes a world-class white-water rapid? Will Gadd climbs a sheer 400-foot pinnacle to see what the birth of the Grand Canyon looked like 70 million years ago. He reveals the hidden worlds buried in the layers of rock in the canyon’s walls. From deserts to oceans to tropical forests, it’s all there as you go down. When he reaches the bottom, one mile down, he goes white-water kayaking down the canyon’s interior to see exactly how those famous rapids [More]
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My parents and I decided to take a white water rafting trip down the river at East Glacier National Park to get some epic views. I am an avid kayaker but had …
White-water kayak, culture and scenery in Turkey, 1984
All aboard (Kayak, White Water Rafting, Jetski)