Rivers in Austria – Carnage beaters swimming and fails, Whitewater Kayaking

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Rivers in Austria, everything you want to see about kayaking in austria.
00:00 – 01:00 intro
01:00 – 02:19 Lower venter Ache
02:19 – 04:27 inn / Tösens
04:27 – 07:28 Lower oetz
07:28 – 10:17 inn / Finstermünster
10:17 – 12:23 Wellerbrucke adidas sickline + championkiller
12:23 – 16:36 Fails, pinned , swimming , beater , carnage

whitewater kayaking is not an easy sport. as you see in the last part of the video. kayaks nowadays are build really thought. during the shooting of the video 23 kayak where used. and only 1 had damage after 1 week of kayaking. much of the kayaking was done on low water rivers. so hitting rocks was unavoidable. but it was an amazing week ! with the best people !

videos are shot with: gopro hero , gopro hero silver, sj4000 cam , sony cam.
mounts used: helmet mount, paddle mount, tripod mount , home made pole mount. ( like the jackson levator )

kayaks used in this video:
dagger nomad
exo xt300
pyranha everest
fluid solo
waka tuna
titan excille
prijon fly
dagger mamba
waka tutea
zet raptor creeking
liquid logic jeffe
eskimo topo duo


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