The big 10! Episode 10 of North Idaho Creeking is here. This one’s a big one. Last weekend myself and a couple buddies spent the weekend up in the Selkirks on Lion Creek, one of the gnarliest creeks in the area. It has been a dream of mine to paddle it for a long time and while my run wasn’t perfect, I’m stoked with how well it went overall. Class V creeking on huge granite slides and drops. Not California, this is Idaho!
A new series, North Idaho Creeking. This is episode 1, taking place on Shit Creek, aka The South Fork of the Coeur d’ Alene River. This is great Class III-III+ run in two sections. The Upper, roughly 15 miles is much narrower and more technical than the lower section. It runs from the town of Mullan to Wallace. Normally, it is approximately a 2 hour run at low to medium flows. We had a great day of boating in torrential rain in what has been an awesome, extremely early season of creek boating. This was day one of two in [More]
Here is Nick Troutman’s GoPro from the winning lap on the 2016 Lower Lewis race of the North West Creeking Competition.
Starting Volume: 600 CFS | Ending Volume: 1100 CFS This Oregon Classic lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We had rapidly rising levels that nearly doubled in volume while we were on the river, but the boatable range is so wide that it was difficult to notice. This is a very manageable, but steep, class IV pool-drop run with one class V (Big Fluffy) and two others that may demand a look to see the line. Thors Playroom (Throne Room?) is the longest, biggest, and most complex rapid on the run, [More]
Day 2 on Shit Creek (South Fork of the Coeur d’ Alene) at high flows. After day one, the creek spiked to 750 cfs and dropped to 650 for us in the morning. It was an epic, juicy flow with…
Teaser for what is to come from 2- Minnesota North Shore Trips.
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Duke Energy provides recreational water releases on the West Fork of the Tuckasegee River 7 times each year. This short video was shot at the put-in, near th…